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We, at Jersey Cape Realty, want your stay in beautiful Cape May to be great from start to finish. Our experienced rental agents can assist in finding the perfect Cape May vacation rental to meet the needs of your family and friends. We have compiled a bit of information that you may find helpful. If you have any further questions about your Cape May vacation rental or the information below, don’t hesitate to contact one of our rental team consultants.

Office Location
Jersey Cape Realty is located at 739 Washington Street, Cape May, NJ  08204.  Parking is behind the building on Osborne Street.

Keys are available for pick up for your Cape May vacation rental at Jersey Cape Realty on the day of check-in.  Properties have different check-in times, so please check with the Jersey Cape Realty Rental Team to verify the check-in time for your property. If you plan to arrive after 5 PM, please notify the office to make arrangements to pick up the keys after hours. No keys may be picked up before the designated check-in time to allow sufficient time for the property to be cleaned, any repairs made, or for property showings between tenants.

Keys must be returned to Jersey Cape Realty before 10:00 am on the day of check-out. If you need to check-out before or after regular business hours, please place your keys in the drop box or mail box by the office door.

Guest Cooperation
We rely on guest cooperation to make vacations enjoyable, not only for you, but for all tenants.  Please treat your home away from home as you do your own by keeping it clean during your stay.  To ensure the return of your security deposit, the tenants are required to:  keep and maintain in good repair the furniture and fixtures; to leave property in a clean and orderly condition, which includes washing all dishes, silverware, pots and pans, wiping down counters and stove, cleaning out the refrigerator entirely, making beds, vacuuming all carpets, mopping all uncarpeted floors, cleaning bathrooms and cleaning the grill, if provided. Tenant must also abide by all local ordinances, including recycling.  Tenant will separate and place trash and recyclables in their proper containers and place on the curb at the scheduled collection times.

Security Deposit
Security deposits are returned approximately 14 days after check-out. Should there be any issues regarding the security deposit, tenants will be promptly notified in writing.

Beach Tags
Required for all persons 12 years of age and over on all city beaches from 10 am – 5:30 pm when beaches are open or when lifeguards are on duty.  They may be purchased at City Hall, 643 Washington St., Cape May, or at the entrances to all the beaches.  More information can be found at www.CapeMayCity.com.

For Visitors Coming From Outside the US
Payment must be in the form of a Worldwide United States Dollars Draft or Bank Draft payable in United States dollars and payable through a United States bank.

Cancellation Policy
In the event a Tenant wishes to cancel a Lease, the Tenant must notify Jersey Cape Realty in writing, stating the reason for cancellation.  The Lease will only be terminated after another Tenant is secured for the same time period and at no loss to the Landlord.  Tenant is still obligated to make all payments as agreed in the Lease until a replacement tenant can be found and makes payment.  A cancellation fee of twelve percent (12%) of the total rental price shall be deducted from the rent before it is returned, and the booking fee will be forfeited.  Should the Tenant have travel insurance and the cancellation is due to a covered reason, the Tenant is still responsible for the full amount of rent as originally agreed under the Lease, regardless of amount paid at time of requested cancellation. 

Occasionally there is construction or remodeling taking place in the neighborhoods throughout town. While Jersey Cape Realty does not want the enjoyment of your vacation diminished in any way, we have no control over private homeowners’ decisions and, therefore, cannot be held responsible or offer any type of refund for any inconvenience that may occur.

Equipment and Maintenance Problems
Any major appliance or air conditioning problem should be reported immediately. Every effort will be made to resolve the problem in a timely manner. Depending on the schedule of the repair vendors and the receipt of necessary parts, the repair may not be able to be completed during your stay. Unfortunately, no compensation can be offered for any inconvenience.

Future Reservations
You have first preference in reserving the same property for the same week the following year. There will be a reservation form in your rental check-in bag. If this is not returned at check-out, the week becomes available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Traveler’s Insurance
Whether it’s a large family reunion or a romantic vacation for two, when you are planning your trip, don’t forget to pack your travel insurance. Vacations can be full of surprises:

  • What if you or a loved one gets sick before you leave for your trip?
  • What if you need medical treatment while traveling?
  • What if while flying to your destination, you arrive but your bags don’t?
  • What if while driving to your destination, you are involved in an accident?
  • What if weather prevents you from starting your trip or forces you to leave early?

Travel Insurance can provide coverage for you and your vacation investment when the unexpected occurs. Ask your Jersey Cape Rental agent about this valuable coverage.

Vacation Rental Damage Protection Insurance

Accidents happen but they don't have to ruin your vacation!  Vacationers have the option of purchasing Vacation Rental Damage Protection Insurance to protect themselves from out of pocket costs when unintentional events occur.  Purchase the plan and vacation worry free.  Tenants receive coverage well in excess of traditional security deposit amounts.

This valuable protection, especially helpful if traveling with children or pets, covers things like broken glass, broken lamps, stained bedding, carpet or furniture, damaged doors or walls, and pet damage (as long as pets are permitted per the lease).  This is just a partial list.  Ask your Jersey Cape Rental agent for more details.

Linen Service
Don’t feel like packing all those sheets and towels?  Contact one of the linen services listed here: Sea Dreams Linen Service (www.seadreamscapemay.com) or Linen Ladies of Cape May (www.linenladies.com). Just order what you need and your linens will be waiting at the property upon your arrival.

Lost and Found
Jersey Cape Realty is not responsible for any items left in your rental unit.  Please report any missing item immediately.  The return fee is $25 plus the cost of postage.

Off-Season Rentals
Many of our properties are available during the off-season for full or partial week rentals.  Please contact Jersey Cape Realty for rates if not posted on the website.

All payments must be made in a timely manner according to the terms of the lease.  All payments must be received no later than 30 days prior to the check-in date.  Any payments received after that date must be in bank guaranteed funds such as a certified check, bank draft or money order.

Dog Friendly Accommodations
Jersey Cape Realty offers many dog friendly properties.  We expect tenants to be responsible for their dog’s activities and well-being. That includes picking up and properly disposing of waste, keeping dogs off all furniture, crating dogs if they must be left alone, and leashing while walking. All dogs must be current with vaccinations and on flea prevention programs. There is a non-refundable dog fee that varies with each property. Any tenant or visitor bringing a dog or any other pet without permission as indicated on the lease is cause for immediate eviction.

A common complaint is that the refrigerator is not working or cooling sufficiently. This is usually due to loading the refrigerator with food upon arrival.  Do not turn the thermostat to the coldest setting but keep it at a middle range setting. Allow it to recover for the next 12 – 24 hours and open the door as little as possible.

Returned Checks
There will be a $25 fee for any check returned by the bank for any reason. The check will not be resubmitted and must be replaced immediately with a cash equivalent payment such as a money order or bank draft.

Not all rental properties provide telephones. Please remember to bring along your cell phone.

Televisions and Electronics
Please report any TV, VCR or DVD that is not operating so it can be repaired or replaced, if possible. While provided at many properties, internet service is not guaranteed due to the nature of our seashore location and system infrastructure.  Should you have difficulty receiving internet service at a property, there are a number of free local hot spots. There will be no refunds due to internet difficulties or the failure of electronic devices.

Trash and Recycling
Cape May and surrounding communities participate in recycling and enforce the laws pertaining to such.  Trash should be bagged and placed in the marked trash receptacle.  Paper, cans, plastic and glass should be sorted, but not bagged, and placed in the appropriately marked container. Trash and recyclables should be placed at the curb the night before the designated pick-up day.  If this is not posted in the unit, call the realty office for the proper pick-up day.  Pick-up days generally fall during the week, therefore, you will be putting out trash from the previous tenant and the next guest will be responsible for putting out your trash.  Failure to separate trash and recyclables or put it out for pick-up will result in a deduction from the security deposit.